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Event Highlights

Keynote Speech – The Hon. Prof. KF WONG

Opening Ceremony & VIP Booth Tour – All Guests of Honour, Sponsors, Organising Committee

Remarks by HKMA – Mr. George CHOU

Panel Discussion #1 – Mr. Ken LO, Ms. Brit BLAKENEY, Mr. George CHOU, Prof. Robin HUANG, Ms. Mimi POON, Mr. John WONG

Fireside Chat – Mr. Nike KONG, Ms. Candy LAM, Mr. Daniel WONG

Remarks by SFC – Ms. Elizabeth WONG

Panel Discussion #2 – Mr. Robert LUI, Mr. Alvin KWOCK, Ms. Kim LAY, Ms. Elizabeth WONG, Mr. Henry YU

Featured Speaker – Mr. Feng TIAN

Panel Discussion #3 – Mr. Derek CHIM, Ms. Cally CHAN, Mr. Alan CHEUNG, Prof. Xufei MA, Ms. Jennifer TAN

Featured Speaker – Prof. Helen MENG