Demo Sessions

Demo booths are set up at the conference venue. Attendants are encouraged to visit the booths to interact with the demonstrators.

  1. Unsupervised Detection of Money Laundering Activities via Diffusion Model

    by Hongxu Jiang, Ziqi Liu, Hoi-To Wai, Man-Hong (Keith) Wong, Department of SEEM, CUHK, Hong Kong
  2. The CEFAR Academy and the student projects who are receiving the CEFAR Awards
    • Project Title: Comparative Study of Digital Identity and Opportunities in Hong Kong using iAM Smart in Banking Application as an Example
By Awardee: LAM Ka Kit
    • Project Title: VIRTUAL BANKING: VISIBLE OR INVISIBLE? Embedded banking services unintentionally in our daily life
By Awardee: LOUIE, Wai Tak Frank
    • Project Title: P2M Collection Model
      By Awardee: MA Chin Fung Victor
    • YANG Yurong Royce, Awardee of FinTecubator Scholarship 2020-21 [for Hang Seng internship]
  3. CUHK Business School
  4. Hang Seng Bank Limited
  5. Naffiti – the 1st NFT-fi Launchpad