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Ms. Angela WONG

Executive Director and Head of Business, CASH Financial Services Group

Ms. Wong leads the Group’s overall sales and business development, including Institutional Wealth Management, Private Wealth Management, and Asset Management businesses.

Ms. Wong is also the Deputy CEO of CASH Algo Finance Group, a sister company of CASH Financial Services Group. As part of the Group’s Fintech initiatives, Ms. Wong was one of the founding members of the CASH Quantitative Finance Lab in Hong Kong Science Park, focusing on R&D quantitative trading solutions. In addition to providing a training ground, the Lab aims to incubate and uncover potential talents for the Fintech industry by organizing Inter-university Algo competitions for students from top-notch Hong Kong and China universities, a platform to translate theory to real-life trading.

Before joining the Group, Ms. Wong worked for HSBC InvestDirect in Canada. She was one of the founding members of Merrill Lynch HSBC, the first to launch online international equity trading in North America. Ms. Wong holds an Executive MBA from Tsinghua University and is a Chartered Financial Analyst.